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About Jerry Mucklow

Halfway through my four years at the Atlanta College of Art, I found the camera and darkroom were a faster means to express my creativity than the paintbrush or pencil . Choosing photography was a good choice as my graduating portfolio of photographs earned me the faculty's Outstanding Achievement Award.

I started my career in photography as a darkroom assistant. This led to a position teaching college level classes in darkroom skills. Eventually I was teaching the entire curriculum for the photography program at the school.

About the time digital photography made its debut, I left the comforts of my teaching zone and took a position as a photographer... not just a photographer, a digital photographer. That move for me was monumental, because prior to my first day on the job, I had never even powered up a computer. Over the next seven years, in addition to mastering digital photography, I acquired the experience and clients I needed to venture out on my own and be successful.

The landing has been a soft one. Since founding Jerry Mucklow Photography seventeen years ago, I have enjoyed continued success. I have learned many things, acquired new skills and continue to evolve in my art and craft. I have a diverse client base, which reflects the various styles of photography in which I consistently produce quality results. Let me show you what I can do for you.