Bill Oyster

Owner Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods - Master Fly Rod Builder and Engraver

For twenty years we've struggled to find a good photographer. Quality photography is the visual representation of our business. Jerry has made our vision a reality.


Ross Lenhart

Executive Vice President of Stein Communications (retired)

"A great photographer with a great creative eye, and a wonderful person on top of that. Jerry is the full package~ it's as simple as that."


Jennifer Bagley

Senior Marketing Consultant TWG Plus

"Working with Jerry Mucklow is always a pleasure. Besides being an excellent photographer with great creativity, he endears himself to clients and goes out of his way to be professional in every way. You will receive a great product!"


J.D. Fite

Senior Creative Strategist, EM2, a creative branding agency. Previously, Associate Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations, Agnes Scott College

"I have worked with Jerry for more than 10 years. He is professional, collaborative and great fun. Most importantly, he creates striking images that tell a story and grab the viewer. But what I like best about Jerry is that he is always learning, always striving to be better. Just when you think he's reached the top of his game, he surprises you".


Mark Farmer

Director of Entrepreneurship & Information Services Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce

"The true test of any photographer is the caliber of the images. One need only look at Jerry's work to know you're hiring quality."


Matt Anderson

Director of Alumni Communications at Vanderbilt University

"Jerry has always delivered above my expectations. He most recently captured beautiful elements of our campus that I had not discovered in 15 years."


Rob Glass

President Glass and Gold

"Jerry has the ability to capture the personality of the subject and freeze the moment in a memorable fashion. There always seems to be a story behind his images. I highly recommend Jerry. Great with location shots, portraits and studio work."